Friday, 7 April 2017

All Set

This morning we loaded the car up, and by loaded I mean to the rafters, with all of the gear we need for the weekend.

We have a lot planned to squeeze into two days but the main event has to be the first BBQ of the year. Time to dig out the BBQ and the tools and get some fire going. We love to BBQ through the summer and have missed cooking over the coals. But the weather this weekend looks set to change that.

We also have a few other things planned. We of course need to run in the new outboard but we also want to get some Fabsil on the freshly cleaned canopies. This will keep them waterproof but also helps to keep them clean as any muck can't stick to them. It doesn't take long to apply, a couple of hours should see them all treated, but it does have lasting effects. We will do them again at the back end of Autumn just to keep them waterproof through the winter. 

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