Monday, 24 April 2017

Getting Quicker

Despite us seeming to have spent a lot of time out and about enjoying ourselves this weekend it has also been a very productive weekend as well.

The main job was always going to be the engine service on Saturday and despite our initial concerns about how long this would take, and not starting the task in hand until midday, we rattled through it and by 3pm we were both changed and showered and with a beer in hand enjoying the sunshine. We must be getting quicker at this servicing lark!

Yesterday we had an altogether more relaxing day, calling into the marina on the way from Saxilby to Lincoln to fill up with 100 litres of diesel in readiness for next weekends bank holiday weekend. Then it was on into Lincoln to meet up with some friends and enjoy a few afternoon beers in the sunshine on Brayford Pool.

With dinner cooking away in the slow cooker we couldn't stay with our friends as long as we had hoped. Our current slow cooker draws quite a few more amps then our previous one so leaving it for too long without the engine running or being plugged in just isn't sensible. So at 4pm we headed back to the marina to plug in, listen to some music and have a few more drinks before we then tucked into a delicious slow cooked chicken with stir fried vegetables.

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