Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Smokey Joe

Since launching Naughty-Cal in March we have noticed that she had become ever so smokey from the exhaust and there was an acrid smell to the smoke. Mind you nothing quite so smokey as the Freeman we encountered on the Trent over Easter!

We had become slightly concerned that there may be something amiss with the big green lump. With the full service completed and no obvious signs of anything to worry about we were a little dismayed when she was still smoking away.

Until that is we put in 100 litres of fresh diesel from Burton Waters on Sunday. Almost instantly, well as soon as the fresh fuel was pulled through the lines, then the smell pretty much went and the smoke was much improved. We are now pretty certain that is was a suspect batch of fuel that we have been supplied and once the stuff left in the tank is diluted down further that the smoking and smell will stop completely. 

Problem solved!


  1. We've seen that Freeman smoking its way up and down the Trent ourselves its quite bad! As she passes it looks like a Steam launch...

    Bee T Bee, Colwick

  2. For a second we thought it was on fire. Then we realised he had just fired up the engines!

    I would be embarrassed to be seen out in that and getting it sorted out.

    Ours was nowhere near as bad as that but concerning us. Thankfully all sorted now for us.

    Don't suspect dodgy diesel is this guys problem!

  3. At first glance we actually thought she was on fire to..lol

    Bee T Bee, Colwick