Thursday, 20 April 2017

River Trent April 2017 - Part 3

Dunham Bridge to Torksey to Burton Waters
13 Miles 1 Lock

Dinghy Ride from Dunham Bridge to High Marnham

Naughty-Cal all by herself on the pontoon at Dunham Bridge.

Heading upstream on the dinghy. The little Honda pushed the tide impressively making between 3.5 and 4.5mph on the handheld GPS against the flow.

Fledborough viaduct looming large.

Time for a walk around the village of Low Marnham.

Looping back around via the Sutton on Trent Road.

Defunct road sign. The power station is long gone!

Back to High Marnham for a quick pint in the Brownlow Arms.

Liam reliving his youth in the sunshine.

The dinghy waiting to take us back to Naughty-Cal.

Back down river and we were travelling quicker this way on the last of the ebb. Progress was between 5 and 6.5mph. Arriving back at Naughty-Cal about half an hour before the tide turned.

Back on the Fossdyke and heading for home after a lovely few days away.

Total Miles 71 Miles
Total Locks 8 Locks

This was a great little mini break to start the year and proved that we have Naughty-Cal pretty much ready for the holiday season to begin. The new batteries proved to be starting to perform more as we had expected, much as the supplier said that they would. We were sceptical to begin with but actually he has been proven right. Just how much further they will improve we will have to see, but they are now doing what we need them to do and more.

We can now start to look forward to the next mini break in a weeks time. This time we are heading the other way on the Tidal Trent with a trip planned to West Stockwith for a couple of days.

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