Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fired Up

Our new Honda 2.3hp outboard arrived on Monday morning. For posting with the courier it had to be drained of oil and fuel, so yesterday Liam took it to work to refill the relevant tanks and give it a good check over.

It has already had a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) for which we have all of the relevant paperwork so should be in working order when delivered, but you never know what has happened too it in transit.

As it happens we needn't have worried, the little engine sprang into life straight away. So today it is being packaged back up again ready to take to the boat this weekend where we will start the running in process. We hope to have the running in, which takes about 10 hours, completed before we head off to Scotland. The engine will be due it's first engine oil and leg oil change at 10 hours also, so this seems like the ideal time to take it back home again and package it up ready for going away.

With the weather looking fine for the weekend we are planning to head to Torksey for a BBQ which should also give us chance to tow the dinghy down and get the first all important hours running in out of the way at the marina. The first hour looks set to be the most hassle, with a 15 minute stint required at tickover, followed by the next 45 minutes at a throttle setting of 10% to 30%. The next hour following this isn't too bad at up to 80% throttle and after that for the remaining 8 hours of the running in it can have the occasional burst up to full throttle. So really after the first hour we should be rocking and rolling.


  1. We should see you, as we head to Torksey this weekend, as we have next week off.

  2. Should see you there then. You coming up on the late tide?

    1. Yes, will be staying bottom side sat and penning in on sun

  3. Think we are staying topside. We have some friends on their narrowboat coming up from West Stockwith, you should pass them on the way up.