Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Weekend Plans

We are now busy making preparations for this coming bank holiday weekends trip to Kings Lynn. 

Naughty-Cal is as ready as she can be so it is now a case of making sure everything else is in place. The mooring has been booked and paid for since April so no worries there.

This morning I have booked us in with the lock keeper at Boston for both our locking out on Saturday afternoon and our locking back in again on Monday evening. Both are nice times for us for a change, it is a 12.15pm locking out so we will have plenty of time to amble down river but also plenty of time to explore Kings Lynn and get settled in for the evening. On Monday we won't be leaving Kings Lynn until 4.15pm with our locking in due at around 7pm, so we will again have pretty much a full day in Kings Lynn but still time to head up river once we have locked back in at Boston to shorten the trip on Tuesday back to the marina.

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