Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Ropey Business

Finding decent mooring ropes can be a bit of a hit and miss business, more expensive doesn't necessarily end up being better.

In previous years we have had many sets of ropes but the ones we got on best with were Marlow braid on braid ropes. At the beginning of this year we ordered some more as the old set were getting pretty worn . The new set were rubbish. Very tangley and refused to hold knots.

So reluctantly I ordered a new pair from a different supplier . I ordered 10mm instead of 12mm by mistake but have found these work better for us and sit better on the cleats. The new ropes are much better quality, so on the back of that I have ordered two more longer 10mm ropes for our trip to Scotland.

Our usual day to day ropes are 10m in length but these would be too short for the Caledonian Canal so two 15m ropes are now stowed away on board as well.

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