Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Early Planning

With this year's summer holiday over and done with and becoming a dim and distant memory it is now time to start looking ahead to our big trip for 2017 and start to gather together the relevant bits of information.

Next years big trip is to be  first for us, we will be trailing Naughty-Cal for the first time so we have a lot more extra planning and forward thinking to do then usual. We will be heading to Inverness where Naughty-Cal will be dropped into the water before we head onto the Caledonian Canal for seven days and then have another seven days on the West Coast of Scotland, before finally being pulled back out of the water and brought back to Lincoln.

The area will be completely new cruising grounds for us so we have to make sure that we do our homework, as the navigation looks less then straight forward.

To aid our navigation and more importantly our passage planning we have purchased the relevant Admiralty Leisure Folio and the highly informative Clyde Cruising Club guide book which is packed full of the local knowledge which is so important when venturing into new waters.

Admiralty Leisure Folio SC5611.

Clyde Cruising Club Guide Book

We have a lot of planning to carry our over the next ten months or so but we are now stocked up with plenty of winter reading material.

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