Wednesday, 24 August 2016

More Weekend Plans

It was time for yet more planning for the weekend yesterday. First up was ringing the booking office in Kings Lynn to get the security gate code and to check which berth we had been allocated. A stroke of luck on our behalf that this time we have been allocated a riverside berth. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with the quayside pontoon berths, they offer the same facilities, are far enough from the quayside that you are not bothered by people passing or cars in the car park, but at the state of tide that we leave they are difficult to get away from. As we leave to head home on an incoming tide, the tide tries to take the bow around but there is only just enough room to turn the boat between the pontoon and the quayside wall. On the riverside this won't be a problem.

The other thing I needed to check yesterday was the up to date locations of the channel marker buoys heading from the Wash and into the river. Lucky I did check as they have significantly changed position from when we last visited, in fact the latest up dates were made to the channel just last Friday. I will double check that they have not moved again before we leave Boston!

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