Monday, 8 August 2016

Productive Days

It has been a very productive weekend onboard Naughty-Cal. We had a little list of jobs to do whilst the weather was fine and for once managed to get them all done.

The most important job of the weekend was scrubbing the canopies inside and out and then reproofing them with a good coat of Fabsil. This not only helps to keep them looking good but it also protects them from the worst of the weather that the British climate can throw at them. Keeping them waterproof means that the water beads and runs off rather them soaking into the fabric and then causing unsightly green mould growth.

We scrubbed the hoods on Saturday morning before the weather got too hot and then in the time we had been to the deli on the marina and had a panini breakfast they were bone dry. So we rolled up the relevant sections and headed to Torksey where we bought the Fabsil from Torksey Caravans and set too applying it on the visitors moorings. If anything the weather was a bit hot for applying the Fabsil as it was drying so fast it made it difficult to see where we had applied it and where we hadn't. In the end some sections ended up being done twice, but it doesn't hurt.

We had decided to bring Henry hoover to the boat this weekend, mainly so that Liam could vacuum the inside of the canopies before scrubbing them. But this also gave me the chance to give the cabin interior a good going over. The little handheld Hoover that we have onboard is great for a quick fettle but it can't do the same job as the much more powerful Henry.

With these few little bits done and dusted Naughty-Cal is starting to get ready for her next holiday at the end of the month when we will once again be visiting Kings Lynn for a few days.

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