Friday, 19 August 2016

Hens Teeth

Ever since owning the Sierra there has been one thing niggling away at us but one that was proving to be difficult to remedy. One of the interior trims was badly burned and damaged. Speaking to the previous owner this turned out to be from a less then sympathetic welding repair by a Ford main dealers in the late 1980's!

Now little did we know it when we bought the car back in 2001, but B300 XVH is a late spec car, one of the very last they made, and as such they updated the trim and a few other bits around the car. This was our down fall. They made very few cars with this trim so tracking down the right part has proved to be exceptionally difficult. We could have changed the interior to the earlier spec trim ten times over, but we really didn't want to do this, it didn't seem right.

Last night however we were pointed in the direction of a chap selling a full late spec interior trim on Ebay. So quick as a flash we snapped it up and hopefully bu early next week we should have an undamaged panel to replace the burnt one. 

We really seem to have made good progress with the car this year and have got lots of little jobs out of the way which are all adding up to making the car feel a more finished project.

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