Tuesday, 9 August 2016

An Extended Date

What with being away for a couple of weeks and being busy getting the boat ready the Sierra has been somewhat ignored for a month or so. So it was time to start getting her ready for her holiday to Cornwall in a couple of months.

Since buying the car nearly 15 years ago there have been a few little niggly electrical items that have never worked. On top of that earlier this year the central locking decided to give up the ghost which has meant no access to the boot. Clearly this needed sorting before we go to Cornwall, so yesterday she had her first date with the auto electrician. 

He had a good long hunt for problems yesterday and in the two and a half hours he was there managed to fix the rear wiper and rear screen wash which we have never had working. He is now on with fixing what he believes to be the problem with the central locking and electric wing mirrors. So hopefully her extended date with the auto electrician should be nearly over and we should have a few more items working again.

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