Thursday, 26 February 2015

The First Test of the Year

It seems to have been a long time coming but we can now finally start planning our first outings of the year for Naughty-Cal.

Our first "proper" cruise of the year will be our Easter trip to Kings Lynn but before we head out onto the coast we want to ensure that all of the mechanical work carried out over the winter is fit for purpose. So we have lined up a couple of weekends gentle cruising on the Fossdyke which should hopefully highlight any minor teething problems, before heading out for our first high speed test of the year later in March with a trip to West Stockwith and a chance to blow away any cobewebs and let Cal stretch her legs. 

We should know by the end of this trip whether we have any further problems to sort out before our trip across the Wash at the beginning of April and will have a couple of weekends to tinker and put things straight.

At last we can start to look forward to many happy times afloat in 2015.

As nice as it has been to give Naughty-Cal the love and attention she needs this winter it has been a long and laborious period of inactivity for both us and the boat. This will be the longest period ashore Cal has endured since being built in 2003.

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