Monday, 2 February 2015


We were well and truly foiled by the weather this weekend. None of the jobs on our list got completed, in fact some didnt even get started. But we did manage to cross of a couple more inside jobs.

The sealant in the shower room was getting ready for replacing, so on Saturday Liam set about digging it all out and putting in fresh.

Whilst the sink was out he took the chance to replace the shower hose and also found a slight leak from one of the plumbing connections. This has been duly fixed and is now leak free. All of these tiny leaks will have been dripping water into the bilges, no wonder they were pretty much always damp. Hopefully this year we should be able to keep dry bilges!

Next weekend will be a final tidy up of the sealant around the sink bowl and then we have some new tap heads and a new shower head to install to finish of the fresher look.

The weather was a little better yesterday which allowed Liam to venture outside to sand the transom shield. It was however just too cold to consider priming or painting it so he moved onto sanding down the antifoul paint ready for some fresh applying in a couple of weeks time.

We now need the weather gods to shine down on us as we are running out of weekends to get the remainder of the jobs finished in time for our March 6th relaunch date. 

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