Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fresh Paint

Another major job was completed yesterday with the application of fresh antifoul paint to Naughty-Cal's hull.
We have used Premier Paints,  Premier One Can as in previous years and the can was enough to give the hull two coats with a third around the water line.
It is nasty stuff and we were both suffering with banging headaches by the time we had finished. But Naughty-Cal does now look much better.
Glad that job is out of the way.


  1. Just a thought, how do you paint where the "props" are ?

  2. The drive is off the boat at the minute so access was easy.

  3. Sorry, not the Propellers, the stays or props that the boat is resting on.

  4. You can pay to have them moved so you can paint the areas under them.

    Or you can do as we do and leave them. There is paint there and the chocks are put in a different place each time the boat is ashore. So the areas do get some paint every couple of years.

    If we really wanted we could paint the areas when the boat is put on the launching trailer. It takes them about half an hour to launch it so it flashes off.

    We are just not that bothered!