Thursday, 5 February 2015

Full Steam Ahead

Work is cracking on with the stern drive which Liam has at work.

All of the seals have been replaced including the O rings which seal the gear box, top cover and bottom cover, as well as the gear linkage seal which is often overlooked and the shaft seals.

Yesterday the new prop shaft was picked up from M & T Transmissions in Sheffield where it has had a new bearing fitted to the end. We were going to reuse the old one but upon inspection it was worn so a new one has been fitted. No point penny pinching at this stage in the day. We are doing this work to ensure we have more trouble free years of cruising. 

So all that Liam has left to do to the drive, after it is reassembled today is prime and paint it one evening next week.Then it will be ready to fit back on the boat next weekend, in plenty of time for our relaunch next month. 

We have written down a plan of action for this weekend. The weather looks set to be a bit fairer and a damn sight milder then last week. Fingers crossed they are right.

This weekend we plan to prime and paint the transom shield, wash the hull, topsides and water line and begin polishing the hull whilst the weather is fair and we have the chance. If this goes to plan we may even fit the bootline.

You know what happens when we make plans though.

They never go according to plan!

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