Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Plan of Attack

We found at the weekend that it was really very helpful to have a clear plan of attack ready to put into action. We both knew what we had to be doing and in what order to get things done in a quick and efficient, yet methodical order.

With this in mind we have a similar plan in action this week and are working on one for the weekend.

This weeks job is to get the stern drive primed and painted. The mechanical work is now complete, barring physically getting the drive back on the boat, so it is now just a case of getting it looking good once more.

Tonight after work Liam is going to get the drive in it's first coat of primer and then tomorrow lunchtime he will sand it back to give it a smooth finish. It will then be ready for a second coat of primer tomorrow lunchtime. Then tomorrow after work it will be ready to receive a couple of coats of paint. It will then receive a final sanding before getting its final application of paint on Thursday evening.

By Friday after work, it should hopefully be wrapped up in bubble wrap ready to transport to the boat and be reinstalled first thing on Saturday morning with fresh bellows, anodes and oil. 

The plan of attack for the weekend is still under consideration. If the weather stays as currently predicted however, and it is a big if, we could have Naughty-Cal pretty much ready to relaunch by the end of Sunday with just a few minor fettling jobs to finish off in the coming weekends.

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