Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Anyone who ventures to sea has the up most respect for the guys and girls of the RNLI. They head out in any weather to the aid of those in peril at sea.

Yesterday the Scarborough lifeboat crew were out on training exercises in seas that had most tucked up safe and warm in the shelter of port.

(These photographs have been taken from the RNLI Facebook page with permission from the sites owner.)


  1. On the RLNI topic here's a video of what happened to a work colleagues father-in-law this weekend, just proving you don't have to go that far from the jetty!!


  2. Lucky chap.

    It isn't easy getting someone out of the water, even in still water.

    Was he ok, other than I should imagine very shook up and cold?

  3. He's recovering, but he's getting severe earache from his daughter...
    A very lucky chap, he was in the water for over 15 mins and getting very cold, they got to him just in time I think!
    The RNLI are a great organisation, now that's volunteering at it's best :)

  4. That's great news. Hope he makes a swift and full recovery and I hope it has not put him off being around the water.