Friday, 30 November 2018

Staying at Home

We have decided that we may as well stay at home this weekend. We have someone coming to measure up for a new front door this evening, our new smart TV arrives today so we can get that set up tonight. We are going to pick up the new washer dryer tomorrow morning, so we may as well head back home and get that set up and put to work as well.

It will be the first time we have had a weekend at home in ages so it will make a nice change. We know that Naughty-Cal is tucked up safe on her berth so there are no worries there.

If we are staying at home it will also give us a chance to take the dog to some different places for his walks this weekend. Give him some new places to explore. We have been itching to go and see one of our local reservoirs at Lady Bower where the water levels are so low that the long gone village, flooded to create the reservoir is now visible. So it looks like this will be our chance.

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