Saturday, 3 November 2018

A Change of Plan

We have had to make a swift change of plan for this weekend. We were supposed to be heading to Saxilby for a bonfire party . However last night it became apparent that Sydney is really not happy about fireworks during the annual display at the marina. Despite being on the boat with us with the film turned up loud to try and mask the bangs he turned into a quivering wreck.

So instead we are going to head into Lincoln at dinnertime for  couple of drinks and then we are going to head down to Fiskerton Fen which is about as far away from any civilisation as we can muster at such short notice on the Fossdyke and Witham.

We all like it down there so it should provide us with a quiet evening in with yet another film and some good food. Not sure what food yet as we were going to eat out tonight so we will have to pick something up in Lincoln.


  1. Tyrwitt arms in fiskerton normally has a firework party

  2. Hmm. Found that out!

    Well someone out that way has hot a huge fire and some fireworks.

    Hunkered down in the cabin with the tunes turned up. So far so good!