Thursday, 29 November 2018

All the Appliances

The washing machine has now gone leaving a gapping hole in the kitchen. But that will soon be replaced on Saturday with the new washer dryer.

Our new smart TV arrives tomorrow. We have been a bit behind the times with this as this will be our first smart TV. In fact we don't even have home broadband so as part of this purchase we have had to sign up to that as well. So the cheap TV is not all that cheap by the time we have finished. They don't arrive to install the broadband until the 18th December so until then we will have to manage with the tethering on our phones. We both get 30GB of tethering within our mobile allowances so we should have enough to last until then. Well in fact we will have more like 120GB to play with as both of our allowances will switch over during the period in question.

The last appliance to buy will be the replacement fridge for the boat. We are still not 100% decided which one we are going to buy. More on this as we decide which way to go. But none of the options available is straight forward. 


  1. Great minds think alike. We have just bought a new washer and yesterday a new bigger TV for the lounge. Hope you still have enough money left over for Syd's Xmas pressies xxx

  2. Sydney will be spoiled rotten at Christmas.

    I have been after a washer dryer for ages but as we didn't know if we were staying in this house or moving on we have put it off. Now that we have finally made a decision what we are doing and we are staying put it is time to get it sorted.

    Feels odd having no washing machine now though. The kitchen looks bare!