Tuesday, 24 April 2018

What to Do

Now we have to decide what is going to be the best course of action to introduce Sydney to Naughty-Cal and vice versa. He has been on a boat before but on a different sort of boat completely and it wasn't the best experience for him to say the least.

So I think the gently gently approach will have to be put in place.

We were supposed to be going out on Saturday evening to celebrate a friends birthday but we have had to turn down this meal as it just wouldn't be fair to Sydney. So instead we think we will have a quiet cruise to Torksey so that the dog can get used to the boat.

We can walk him for miles from there in the fields and the pub is super dog friendly so he will be made very welcome, if he is a good boy of course!


  1. He will love Torksey, as it’s excellent dog walking terrain. All 3 of ours react differently on the boat and do get nervous when traveling fast. We have permanent leads fixed onto the mates seat so we know they are safe at all times. I think the most difficult thing for us when traveling fast for long distances is keeping them cool in hot weather (a white cotton sheet is used) and also Lottie pants when nervous and will not drink and that is when a child’s medicine syringe is handy to keep her hydrated. Hope he goes on ok, as I think ours have just picked up bad habits from each other xx

  2. Yes. I do think we are going to have to find a way of keeping him secure when we are mooring up, in locks and going fast.

    It wouldn't be difficult for him to jump off our boat with how he can vault things. Never seen a small dog that can jump like that.