Friday, 27 April 2018

Today is the Day

So today is the day that we find out if Sydney is going to make a boating dog. This evening after work we will travel the 45 miles to the marina, something which we are confident he will now be fine with as he now doesn't kind being in the car. Which is a big improvement on when we first picked him up!

Then we will load up the boat , fill up the water tank and head off to Torksey where we hope to meet up with some friends from West Stockwith. If of course they can get out of the basin as one of the hydraulic lock paddles broke yesterday. CRT are hoping to fix it ASAP so we wait with bated breathe. If they can't make it we think that Torksey will be a nice first run anyway for him. A steady one to break him in gently.

As for the rest of the weekend we are still not sure where we will end up. A lot will depend on the weather.


  1. I have my fingers crossed for both you and Sydney. I hope that he will at least tolerate being on Naughty-Cal, especially once he realises that there are adventures involved once you moor. From what you have said in various posts it sounds as though he has several issues, but I am sure that with patience and consistent handling, he will trust you.

  2. Yes. There are several issues to over come with him, by far the worst being his separation anxiety. But with time we are confident we can work things out together.

    He is getting better each day. It is just a matter of time. He is doing well. He has not been with us two weeks yet!