Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Water Water Everywhere

It has come as no great surprise that the river levels have risen during the recent wet weather, of course they will react. But what has come as a surprise is just how quickly they have risen, in particular the Fossdyke and Witham which are usually very benign even during the wetter winter months.

On Sunday the Fossdyke rose some 6 inches in a matter of hours, we can't think of a time we have seen it rise quite so quickly. 

This time it won't be quite so quick to fall however as there is nowhere to push the water out. The Witham, as you will see from the next set of pictures is almost level with the Fossdyke from Stamp End to Bardney and the flood gates are on at Torksey so nothing will be going out that end either.

Better pray for some drier weather. Although looking out of the window here in Sheffield it doesn't look like that will be today!

Brayford Pool and the Lincoln Marina Visitor Moorings

The River Witham almost level with the Fossdyke. There is usually between and 8 and 9ft drop at the lock!

The mooring on the left of the picture here on the wall is where we usually moor to wait for the lock. The top of the wall should be about level with the top of our hoods. Not yesterday!

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