Friday, 13 April 2018

Stock Taking

It is Friday which means that we have spent the first part of this morning in the supermarket stocking up on essential items for a weekend on board. Bottled water, beer and spirits in the main.

We have also decided that it is time we started taking stock of what we are going to need to take with us on our summer trip to the Thames. It can get expensive picking up bottles of spirits ad hoc in local shops so we are planning to take some with us. A couple of bottles of Jack Daniels for me and a couple of bottles of gin for the both of us. 

Better to take too much then not enough of course. We have been stung before when I ran out of Jack Daniels and a bottle which this morning cost me £16 cost £26 for exactly the same bottle. Ouch. 

Once bitten twice shy they say and we won't make that mistake again. We have a cupboard tucked away under the bow which is a pain to get into but is ideal for storing spare bottles of spirits and crates of beer.

I think this boat might be on the heavy side for towing again!

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