Tuesday, 17 April 2018

New Crew

Naughty-Cal has a new crew member. Meet Sydney.

He is in need of some TLC but will look a different dog in time and he is very sweet natured. He already seems to be settling in at home. What he makes of going to work with Liam today we shall see later.


  1. Hello, Sydney. I think that you are a very lucky dog and will have lots of adventures in Naughty-Cal and with the other dogs in the gang. Are you a rescue dog? It sounds as though you might be as you need some TLC, which I am sure you will get by the bucketful.

  2. Welcome to the world of damp dog,your lives will never be the same again. Enjoy xx

  3. He is a bit stinky at the minute. The groomer has had a quick clip and bath and we have bathed him but he still stinks. He has a few skin complaints but we are hoping that the vet can give us something to soothe him a bit and make him less smelly.

    He has certainly left an impression already and has settled in at home. Still some way to go with settling in at work but he is getting there.