Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hoping for a Break

It is fingers crossed for a break in the weather for the rest of this week. We are rather hoping that we might be able to make a break for it from the marina this weekend.

Anywhere will do just so long as it isn't on our berth.

A quick look at the current water levels on the Fossdyke on the EA website suggests that they are now dropping nicely and the flood gates on the marina should by now be open again. But a lot will depend on the weekend's weather. With the ground so sodden it really won't take much rain for the river levels to be up again and the flood gates back on.


  1. Lucky you with levels dropping. Our just keep on rising on the Severn! Hope you get chance to head out.

  2. The EA are pretty good at managing levels on the Fossdyke and Witham.

  3. Gates were open at BW today. Had a run up the Fosdyke, water levels are still high, and there is a lot of rubbish coming down from tree trimming at Saxilby. Pleasant day out nontheless

  4. There was a tree down in Saxilby on Sunday. One of the big willow trees had lost a huge branch. Lucky no one was moored underneath it!

    Lucky you being out on the boat. We have been stuck at work wanting to be out in the sunshine .

  5. we got a "bollocking" this morning up at fall ing - we LEFT broad reach lock in the yellow... honest... but on arrival at fall in up stream, it was "red"... an angry crt man gave me a right old lecture about invalidating our insurance etc - I pointed out that it's HIS indicators being inconsistent that's the problem ... that AND the traffic lights being out of order... - we lunched up there and then came back JUST in the yellow at fall ing but well into the yellow at stanley ferry... hmmF

  6. The lights at Lincoln going through the bridges were out of order for most of last year. Thankfully they stuck on red not the other way around.