Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Wrong Time Of Year

It really is the wrong time of year for this but we are both on with the task of shedding a few pounds. No not from the wallet buying Christmas presents, although that is proving to be a good way of shedding the other type of pounds. We are shedding the weight, or attempting too anyway. 

We have both decided that we would feel a little better if we did try and lose not masses of weight but just a stone or so each. 

No this had been going well, with us both steadily losing the pounds until the festive period began. Wednesday is our own little fat club weigh in at home and last week we had both made good progress, Liam losing four pounds and me losing three. However this last week has been a difficult one with Liam having his works Christmas party, me on client lunches and dinners and then this coming weekend our moorers Christmas party!

Our guess is that tomorrow evenings weigh in might not be a good one!

It is certainly the wrong time of year for this!


  1. Well done you, every 1b helps and it's not easy! My friend has lost 3 or 4 stone on the slimming world diet. She posts photos every week of her meals, and to be honest they look fantastic and have given me some ideas around the kitchen. She is a great inspiration considering what she has achieved, and certainly not an easy thing to do especially when it has taken her about 2 years to get to this point. It's alcohol that does it for me, especially now I have a cold and it's a good excuse to purchase a bottle of whisky.....

  2. The lager gets us. I have switched to Jack Daniels and Diet Caffine free coke which is about a quarter of the calories of the Fosters we used to drink. Liam has switched to drinking Coors Light which is about half the calories of Fosters.

    Not expecting to see much if any weight loss at weigh in tomorrow though. It was a heavy weekend!