Friday, 23 December 2016

The Final Visit

Tonight we will pay our final visit to Naughty-Cal of 2016. The next time we see her she will be high and dry, chocked up on the hardstanding for her two to three month break and fettle up.

We have enjoyed another great year afloat with Cal and it is time to repay her for the service.

We had not anticipated going to the boat this weekend but we left in somewhat of a hurry last weekend and forgot several items and didn't put some of the heaters in place so we are quickly heading across tonight. To save cooking we plan to have a few drinks and a meal in Harbour Lights opposite our mooring.

We won't be staying for long through. The plan is to do a few quick jobs on Saturday morning, including removing the sickly diesel heater before heading back to Sheffield to meet up with friends then head home to prepare for Sunday. I still have the Christmas soup to make yet.

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