Thursday, 22 December 2016

More Progress

So I let you all into the secret last week that Liam and I are on a mission to lose some weight. Last night's weigh in was a little surprise as after yet another heavy week of drinking and parties we had both still lost weight, Liam 2lbs and me 3lbs. These small amounts each week are now starting to add up nicely.

Well aside from the better eating and alternative alcoholic drinks we have also cut out the caffeine due to Liam's continuing issues with his high blood pressure. Now cutting out caffeine isn't so easy as it sounds. It is in loads of stuff you never even consider. Chocolate for example. Now we are not eating chocolate as a rule anyway at the moment but Christmas is around the corner so we need a little sweet treat for the weekend. White chocolate is the answer to this it seems.

I have switched the coke in my Jack Daniels and diet coke to caffeine free diet coke, which is fine when we are on the boat or at home but does become an issue when we are out and about as we have found no pubs yet that sell it. In fact just buying any decaffeinated drink in some places has become a chore. 

Who would have thought that in this day and age you would struggle in some coffee shops to buy a decaff coffee?


  1. Remove the carbohydrates from your diet plus the aspartame and you will soon lose weight. Regards to chocolate eat only two squares of strong dark chocolate a day.

  2. Dark chocolate contains caffine!

    We have knocked the carbs off and the weight is dropping off. We have both lost a stone in under a month.

    Next week will be a bit of a hiccup but we will be back on the waggon after that with the intention of being much lighter and healthier in time for our big summer holiday in July.

  3. Well actually caffeine in small amounts actually helps to lower blood pressure. See