Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Shedding the Pounds

Usually when we talk about shedding the pounds on this blog it relates to us taking weight off of Naughty-Cal, but not today. Today is another post about the crew shedding a few pounds.

It isn't easy, we are both food lovers but with a few simple changes we are making in roads into our target weights. It is helpful to have a target to aim for.

Here are just a few of our simple food swaps we have made which do seem to be making a difference:

One of our favourites curry. Usually we would have lamb but this was a homemade turkey jalfrezi served with wholewheat rice and a spicy vegetable bahji.

This is a Friday night favourite. Swapping the greasy kebab for cajun salmon and stir fried vegetables.

Stuffed peppers but unstead of stuffing them with steak mince they are stuffed with a chilli bean mixture and topped with reduced fat cheddar.

Cod topped with a garlic and herb crust. The swap here is the sweet potato wedges instead of chips made with bog standard white spuds.

Everyone loves a lasagne. This one is made with butternut squash and spinach in a spicy homemade tomato and chilli sauce.

And for when we are in a junk food mood these are homemade chicken kievs made with a reduced fat garlic butter and a homemade garlic and herb breadcrumb crust.

It is weigh in night tonight and as I said yesterday we don't anticipate any weight loss this week what with prior arrangements and meals out. Whilst we have tried to pick healthy choices it isn't always easy when eating out, especially when the meals are the whole three courses!

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