Friday, 9 December 2016

No Lion or Witch.

It is the night of Liam's works Christmas party tonight so we are having this evening in Sheffield, unusual for us with the boat still in the water, but sometimes these things happen. We will head to the marina tomorrow morning after a hearty breakfast at home. So we won't really lose any boating time. 

While Liam was hunting a shirt down in his wardrobe with limited success he decided it was fine time we both pulled our fingers out and sorted out our wardrobes. A dull job if ever there was one. But a job which is strangely satisfying once completed and you can find all of your clothing again. The clothing to be gotten rid of was bagged up to be recycled and we now both have clean and tidy wardrobes with acres of space in them.

I tell you. It's all rock and roll in our household!

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