Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Getting Organised

Yesterday it was time to start getting ourselves organised for the weekends trip down the Norfolk coast.

First up was a quick call to Boston's Grand Sluice to arrange our passage through the lock. Well it should have been a quick call but the lockie was worrying himself about our timings, he doesn't understand the ins and outs of planing boat passages and was busy trying to tell us we couldn't possibly make Lowestoft in the time window we have allowed before dark. Our locking is at 2.30pm and dark is at about 10.00pm and whole seven and a half hours of daylight to do a four to five hour trip. He still didn't believe me by the end of the phone call having told him we have done the trip from both Boston and Lowestoft both in under five hours previously!

With the lock booked it was time to then book Naughty-Cal and Nitty Gritty into the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club for an evening on Saturday evening. This is a nice spot to pull in and settle in for the evening in the yacht club bar after a fairly long stint at sea. The marina is located just inside the pier heads at Lowestoft so is an ideal location to break up our trip.

We have decided amongst ourselves that the 9.45am bridge lift will be the best for us to head through Lowestoft docks on Sunday so by 11.00am we should be through Mutford Lock and onto the Broads proper. 

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