Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Gathering Stuff

The new retainer clips arrived yesterday to fit to the now repaired cockpit table. Special thanks to Nick from Seabridge Marine for sorting them out for us and getting them too us in double quick time. We are heading across to the boat tomorrow evening so will fit them then in plenty of time before we set off to Norfolk.

We also have Liam's new tool bag to sort out. For years he has had a tool box sat next to the engine but it is a bit bulky and unwieldy and is starting to scuff the paint on the side of the engine. So he has bought a nice Mac Tools, tool bag which he plans to also sort out tomorrow evening and strap down behind the engine well out of the way of the belts. Then when we get back off holiday he will touch up the side of the engine where the box has rubbed.

Other then a quick shopping trip tomorrow to stock up on food, beer and whisky we are now pretty much ready to go.

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