Monday, 11 July 2016

A Few Minor Mishaps

It is safe to say that this weekend didn't exactly go to plan. We couldn't get Nitty Gritty's props off as someone has put the nut on far too tightly so it wouldn't come off with the prop removal tool. And then we managed to drop Naughty-Cal's teak cockpit table in the engine bay damaging the end and smashing the bilge pump cover in the process!

Liam has managed to repair the damage to the teak although it will need to be redone when we get back from the Broads as he isn't happy with the colour of the filler he has used, but it is fine for now and will do us whilst we are away on holiday. The bilge pump is still operative but again will need replacing when we get back to keep it water tight. 

Other then these small mishaps on Saturday morning we did have a fine weekend with a short run into Lincoln where we spent Saturday enjoying the bars in town. 

Now both boats are tucked up again in the marina ready for next weekends run down the coast. If all goes to plan this time next week we will be cruising the Norfolk Broads and dodging hire boats.



  1. There's always something isn't there! On the plus side the weather is looking good for next weekend for you x

  2. Fortunately it is nothing that will spoil our holiday this time.