Thursday, 7 July 2016

Full Up

After the big wedding of the year we had the task of getting both Nitty Gritty and Naughty-Cal back to the marina in time to fill them up with fuel before the marina office closed. Of course we both set off to the Norfolk Broads for our summer holiday next weekend so we needed to ensure that we both have enough fuel to make the trip. No point leaving it until the last minute and then finding out they don't have any fuel. 

We managed to squeeze 150 litres into Naughty-Cal not bad considering it is over six weeks since we last filled up and since then we have been out in the Wash, on the Trent to West Stockwith and Dunham and ploughing up and down the Witham using the boat every weekend.

So this coming weekend we only have a few bits and bobs to finish off. For Cal it is just a bit of a clean up and unloading any unnecessary clutter that we don't need to take with us and for Nitty Gritty it is a new set of props to be fitted on Saturday morning. Then we should both be ready for the off by Sunday afternoon.

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