Tuesday, 17 May 2016


We managed to try out our new low wattage kettle at the weekend on Naughty-Cal. For one reason or another we had not managed to give it a proper try yet.

So on Sunday morning after a lovely evening in Saxilby, we sat sunning ourselves in the cockpit and decided before we set off to have a cup of coffee. With the inverter switched on and the kettle full we switched it on to check out the practice behind the theory. Nervously we waited as the kettle set about it's work. Would it set off the low voltage alarm? Well no, it didn't. The lower draw of power from the low wattage kettle was just right. It boiled the water in a reasonable six minutes and didn't drag the voltage down far enough to set of the low voltage alarm on the inverter. Which was a relief.

In fact we managed to boil it for a second time as well without the alarm sounding before we then set off back towards the marina. The alternator also almost keeps up with the power demands drawing just 5 amps with the engine running which is a massive reduction on the previous kettles draw, even with the engine running.

We did have another trip to Torksey caravans at the weekend, this time we needed a new brush for cleaning Naughty-Cal. Our previous one had broken so for the princely sum of £8.95 we now have a new one which fits snugly in the anchor locker. I had a quick scrub of the waterline to remove the limescale and Liam had a quick scrub at the top of the drive to remove some growth, but the proper clean up of the boat can wait until Sunday evening, prior to us heading out on holiday the weekend after.

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