Friday, 27 May 2016

Almost There

It is almost time for our first proper holiday of 2016, just seven and a half hours left at work and then we can head to the marina, dump our stuff on the boat and set sail out on a nine day cruise on the North Norfolk coast. Well hopefully anyway.

We have the Grand Sluice Lock at Boston booked for 9.30am on Sunday morning so we can have a steady trot down to Boston with no real rush to get there at all. Tonight we will aim to get the two locks at Stamp End and Bardney out of the way leaving us a steady lock free jaunt to Boston on Saturday, no doubt stopping in at one or two of the riverside pubs along the way.

The current outlook for the weather, wind direction and sea conditions is not brilliant, so it looks like we will be in for either a bumpy ride or possibly an aborted trip if it is just too bad. But as we all know weather forecasts change at the drop of a hat so it could well be that we have a fantastic run. You never know!

Either way we are heading down river anyway so if the conditions are just too bad we can conjure up a Plan B on the hoof. We have yet to visit the Black Sluice navigation and the small marina at Fosdyke on the River Welland so these are two options if Wells next the Sea is a no go. Fingers crossed it is though.


  1. Good to see a posting from you on CWDF to-day, nice pic as well. Have a good holiday and lots of GOOD pics.