Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Supposed to be Getting Ready

We are supposed to be getting Naughty-Cal ready for next weekends start to our first proper holiday of 2016 this weekend. However as is usually the case other plans are getting in the way.

Instead of the usual cleaning, tidying and fettling we should be doing we now have a table booked at the Ferry Boat Inn at Church Laneham on the tidal Trent instead.

You may remember a couple of weekends back that we managed to strike up a deal with the ski club to use their moorings to visit the pub, so we have decided that we should really give it a go on Saturday and see what the food is like.

Following this plan will mean that we won't have chance to fill up with diesel this weekend but we can always do this on the way down to Boston at Geordies. So it is no real problem to us.

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