Thursday, 19 May 2016

Battery Update 2016

After last years farce with both battery charger and alternator problems we were expecting that by now our batteries would be showing signs of deterioration. Last year we really didn't give our batteries the care and attention that they need to keep them performing well through mechanical and electrical failures.

We are however happy to report that since fixing the battery charger and replacing the alternator for a third time, (how much more unlucky could we have been to get a dodgy brand new alternator?), the batteries are now happy, receiving a proper charge both on the move and moored up on the home berth. In fact the higher charging voltage of the new alternator seems to suit the batteries well. They seem to appreciate the 14.6V they now receive over the previous quite low 14V charge. 

Since fitting the latest new alternator the batteries performance seems to have improved no end and if anything they seem to be behaving much better than last year, although they didn't really stand much of a chance last year with one thing and another.

As things stand we expect that this current set of batteries will last us at least this year. We usually bank on replacing our pair of domestic batteries every three to four years and if they last this year, which signs are that they should easily achieve, then they will be into the time bracket when we will look to replace them again. Unless of course by some miracle they are still holding out.

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