Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Getting Ready

It is almost time for our annual visit to Wells next the Sea. Time is steadily marching on and we now only have a couple of weekends to get ourselves and Naughty-Cal ready to make the annual pilgrimage across the Wash and down the North Norfolk coast to what has to be perhaps our favourite little harbour town we have visited so far.

We don't have loads to do before we are ready to go. We need a top up of diesel, we are currently running at a shade under half a tank so will need to refill before we set off out to sea. But other then that it is just usual tidying up, decluttering the cupboards and lockers and generally making sure everything is clean and tidy. The servicing and maintenance is all completed so in theory we should have a fairly quiet lead up to this years trip, unlike previous years when we have been a bit last minute!

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