Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Soggy Monday

It was a decidedly soggy day yesterday which was unfortunate as we had a fair distance to travel to get from Gunthorpe to Cromwell Lock by 12.30pm to catch our tide to High Marnham.

We were both a bit reluctant to set off at 8am in the pouring rain but once underway set into the usual routine of Liam driving the boat and me setting the first two locks of the day. By the time we reached Newark Town Lock the lockies were on duty which made life a bit easier.

Despite the weather the river was still busy but we arrived at Cromwell Lock in time to stop for a bite to eat and refill the water tank before heading onto the Tidal Trent and onto High Marnham.

The rain was still pouring as we pulled onto the pontoon and we were wet once again,  but nice hot showers and some dry clothing soon put paid to that and we set about drying things out with the heating on.

We waited for a brief interlude in the rain before heading across the flood bank to the pub where we enjoyed a fantastic meal once more.

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