Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Healthy Eating - Part 3

The healthy eating regime is still alive and kicking, we are in the third week now and other then a couple of minor hiccups we have largely stuck to the plan.

The next big text now is going to be the weekend and next week when we are away on the boat. Will we stick to healthy eating or will it all fall apart?

Once again at home we are finding the changes really easy to follow. Opposite is an example of what we have been conjouring up, pitta pizzas are always a favourite and a nice easy and healthy alternative to a takeaway pizza. On saturday evening we had a mixed sea food salad, with fresh tuna, tiger prawns and salmon, again a lovely meal. Last night we had cajun chicken breast with garlic and herb sweet potato wedges and a selection of vegetables. 

When we mention we are making an effort to eat more healthy people are usually turning up their noses expecting bowl after bowl of salad but we are finding different and exciting meals to try out instead and making lots of small and easy changes is really starting to stack up. We both already feel much healthier.

Tonight will be a big test as we are heading to The Waverley pub tonight for the Motornutz monthly car meet. Will we be able to resist the lovely burger and chips or pie and peas and opt for something a little more healthy?


  1. I think you are doing very well. Eating healthy is not an either or situation, plenty of options, ditch chips though, rice salad or a good salsa is much tastier.
    Good Luck,
    NB WaL

  2. We didn't eat at the pub where the car meet was held in the end. A road closure mean't we had to take an alternative route so we ended up at KFC!

    Not all was lost though as we had chicken, rice and salad rather then the usual greasy fried affair.