Friday, 18 September 2015

Healthy Eating

With Liam's recent health scare and his continuing visits to the local GP's surgery, it has become apparent that we really do need to try and eat a bit more healthily and lead a bit more of an active lifestyle. Make more of an effort so to speak.

To be fair we don't really eat too badly when we are at home. Monday to Thursday we attempt to eat a healthy variety of meals and we cut out the alcohol completely. Ok we have the odd take out which will now be knocked on the head and we sometimes have a bowl of ice cream which is now also off the menu.

Our real problem lies come the weekend. We know that we don't eat so well when we are at the boat and we drink alcohol at the weekend which also packs in the extra calories. But starting this weekend we are going to try and make an effort with the food at the very least.

Instead of our usual Friday evening take away we will be having some cajun salmon with new potatoes and asparagus and tomorrow for breakfast it will be beans on toast rather then the usual fry up. The problem so far as I can see it for this weekend will be Saturday evening when we will be visiting the Brownlow Arms for our evening meal. Will temptation get the better of us?


  1. Look up the 5/2 fasting diet online and see if that would suit you both. David and I have been doing it since late June and have both lost well over a stone and feel really healthy. Not such a huge effort and accompanying sense of deprivation as a diet which you have to stick to 24/7. You can have weekend treats without feeling guilty.
    I was skeptical till I did the reading. Check it out. Cheers, Marilyn

  2. Thanks for that Marilyn.

    Will look into it.

    1. Good on you! I am sure you fill find it pretty easy, once you get your head around it. Cheers, M

  3. I'm not sure T-bone steak was a healthy choice last night!