Monday, 28 September 2015

Getting There

Although the weekend didn't turn out exactly as planned we did get pretty much everything done that needed to be done to allow us to go away next week.

We had thought that the main job would have been filling up with diesel, how wrong could we have been?

The main job ended up being the fitting of new seals to the raw water pump which thankfully Newark Marina held in stock. It wasn't even an expensive job. £10 for two genuine Volvo Penta seals, and about hours tinkering time to get them fitted and inspect the impellor etc. Now it is fingers crossed that the alternator dries out fully and in full working order ready for next weekend!

Unfortunately in fitting the new pump a fair bit of river water did end up in the bilges, not a problem in the engine bay as the bilge pump and manual bilge pump got most of that out. But on Naughty-Cal there is a shallow cabin bilge under the main boat which is linked to the engine bay bilge area. The pump can't get this water out. We had a small manual bulb pump for this job but unfortunately when we came to use it we found it had a split in the plastic bulb so wouldn't pump. Never mind we will find a DIY shop whilst out next week and buy a new one and get the water out. I hate water in the bilges.

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