Thursday, 24 September 2015

Healthy Eating - Part 2

So we are into week two of our new healthy eating regime. How did we fair at the weekend?

Well, on the whole we were good, making healthy choices for breakfast and evening meals, with the exception of Saturday evening when we chose steak from the pub menu. Not the healthiest of choices!

We did make up for it on Sunday morning however. Whilst waiting for the tide we had a ten mile round trip walk from High Marnham to Sutton on Trent and back. If we had any hint of a hang over it was soon blown away during the walk before we returned in time to have a bite to eat before setting off on the tide to Torksey. Sunday lunch was dealt with by way of a slow cooked turkey casserole with dumplings. 

We always knew that the weekends would be our downfall. During the week we find eating healthier meals a breeze, making simple changes to make meals just that bit healthier. Like swapping semi skimmed milk for skimmed, using reduced fat cheese and butter, swapping steak mince for turkey mince or quorn mince and perhaps most  importantly reducing portion sizes. This has been a bit of a downfall of mine, but now with a bit more insight it is becoming easier to prepare the right sized meals.

Overall we both already feel better in ourselves after just a couple of short weeks. Long may it continue.

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