Friday, 25 September 2015

Getting Ready

This week seems to have absolutely flown by. It doesn't seem like too minutes ago we were heading back to Sheffield after a great weekend on board, but now we are looking ahead to this weekend just on our doorstep.

Tonight we are working behind the bar at Lincoln Boat Club, so it will be a rush from work to Burton Waters and then jump on the boat and head down river to Lincoln in time to open up the bar.

As this is our last weekend before we go away for a week on the Trent we have a few bits and bobs to do. The most important thing is refilling the diesel tank. This time we will brim it to the top so it will take around about 130-140 litres, it's first since we gave it a top up mid August. 

As well as filling with diesel we have the bedding to change and a bit of cleaning up to do and taking stock of what is in the cupboards and what we need to bring next Friday. Nothing too pressing and nothing that will take a long time. We will also ensure that we leave the water tank full so that we can literally dump our gear on the boat next week, turn the key and go.

As for the rest of this weekend, we have no particular plans. We will do a spot of shopping in Lincoln tomorrow morning but then it is anyone's guess where we will end up or who we will be with.

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