Monday, 22 December 2014

Productive Weekend

Despite us not planning to get a lot of jobs done on the boat on Saturday we had a more productive the expected day. The first job was simple enough, fitting the extra USB socket by the cockpit table. We had already run the wiring so all that was needed was to drill a hole in the GRP and connect up the wires. 

 The extra USB socket in place.

The next job in the queue was draining the oil from the leg for the second time. This still had a fair bit of water in it so we have added yet more oil to flush it through again.

Then Liam set about looking at the bathing ladder cover. We had noticed over the past couple of years that this cover has become spongy and a crack had formed along the back edge. With the cover off the problem became apparent. The plywood inner is completely waterlogged and rotten. So Liam has taken the step off which he will repair at work creating a new inner and finishing it in flow coat before repairing the cracks in the gel coat.

The ladder cover off ready for repair.

With the big jobs done for the weekend there was just a few bits of tidying up to do. The new LED lighting we fitted a few weeks ago was sealed in to provide a waterproof seal and one of the LED bulbs in the cabin which had been playing up was replaced with a new one.

And then the final job was the shower waste hose. This shower room has been the bane of our boating for a few years now with continual leaks. The waste hose is the last in a long line of parts which have been replaced, but hopefully now we should be able to keep the bilges dry for the year, or is this too much to ask?

There won't be much progress on Naughty-Cal over the Christmas period. Our next visit will be on New Years Eve but this will be a social visit rather then a work visit. But come the new year it will be all hands on deck to get Cal ready and raring to go in 2015.


  1. Have a great Christmas and wishing you good roads in 2015.

  2. Thanks Carol and the same to you both as well.

    Here's hoping that 2015 is just as good if not better than 2014.