Thursday, 11 December 2014

It Must Be Here

Oh well, it must be here, Christmas that is. It must be here because last night we wrapped the first of our presents for this year.

Don't you just love sitting down, fumbling with flimsy wrapping paper, sticking yourself to the presents rather then the paper, losing the end of the tape, losing the tape, finding the empty roll of the tape and then heading out to the shop for more tape. No, me neither.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete scrooge. I do like Christmas just not all of the fuss that seems to go along with it these days. When did Christmas become complicated?

So tonight we will head out and deliver the first of our Christmas gifts. Huddled in the car in the wind and rain, battling through the city traffic to hand deliver shiny parcels to put under the various trees ready to open on Christmas day.

I'm sure, as in previous years, the Christmas spirit will eventually catch up with me. Just right now it isn't happening. Once all of the gifts are delivered and we can sit back and relax, that's when the true spirit of Christmas arrives in our house.

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