Tuesday, 9 December 2014

As well as being Blue

The weekend just gone wasn't all about fitting the new LED cockpit lighting, we did also manage to finish another couple of small jobs.

First up was changing the 12v socket on the dashboard for a new 12v USB socket. We have been fed up of using rubbish adapters for the existing 12v cigarette type sockets. Of course to swap the socket entailed dismantling the dashboard. 

Whilst we had the dashboard apart we routed some wiring for the lights but we also took the chance to route some extra cabling to the cockpit table so that we can add an extra USB socket by the cockpit table. This way we can both charge our phones at the same time instead of bickering over who will use the socket on the dashboard. We did manage to forget the hole cutter though so actually fitting the socket will have to wait until we are next at the boat, as will fitting the new socket in the cabin area.

With the socket installed and Liam busy in the bowels of the boat routing cabling, I set about clearing out the galley cupboard and the shelf in the bedroom. Quite how we manage to accumulate so much rubbish is beyond me but from these two quite small areas I managed to remove a huge black sack of rubbish which was really very heavy. There was also a big armful of manuals and books which were just taking up space and adding weight so these have gone home with the rest of the boat paperwork. 

The galley cupboard is now pretty much bare. All of the odds and sods of condiments and half used sauce bottles have been thrown away and will be replaced with new before Naughty-Cal is relaunched in March. The only food stuff in the cupboard at the moment is a couple of packets of cup soups, perfect for cold, winters days grafting on the boat, everything else has even been thrown away or taken home to use. 

Clearing out just these two small areas has set me off again now. The next time we are down at the boat I am once again going to tackle another small area of the boat and take away anything that is not necessary or needed. Shedding those few extra pounds makes all the difference on a small boat like Naughty-Cal.

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